The publishing house of Academia Europa Nostra is both a publisher and an organizational unit of Academia Europa Nostra association, established for the preparation, development, printing and sharing books, magazines and other materials. By the decision of the National Library's authorities from June 19th, 2008, Akademia Europa Nostra as the publisher of compact publications, received under the national ISBN system its own identification mark 927 537 and its own pool of numbers.
In 2010 Academia Europa Nostra was classified as a scientific society and was included in the database portal "Nauka Polska" run by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The portal introduces the content of the database maintained by the Information Processing Center since 1991. After the reorganization of the system of scientific records in 2015, relevant information was included in the PBN database (Polska Bibliografia Naukowa). At the same time, in cooperation with PBC (Pomorska Biblioteka Cyfrowa), since 2015, the process of publication’s digitisation has started, which allowed for a significant expansion of reading circles. Publications issued by Academia Europa Nostra are in the “Research Gate” repository. They are also indexed in the "Google Scholar" database.
Akademia Europa Nostra focuses in particular on the quality of the publishing process both in the substantive and technical context. All works are reviewed. The activity of the publishing house is coordinated by the Editorial Board, which takes key decisions regarding publication, indicates the scientific editor, academic reviewer, technical editor and the printing house for each compact item.

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