Academia Europa Nostra implemented the following research projects:

1.Analysis of the tourism management system in the aspect of international cooperation of local government units of the Pomorskie's Voivodeship
cos •   Realisation period - 2008
•   Principal - Marshal's Office of the Pomorskie's Voivodeship
•   Project manager - dr Tomasz Studzieniecki

2. Analysis of the tourist services market in the Pomorskie Voivodeship for 2008-2013
port •  Realisation period - 2008
•  Principal - Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna
•  Project menager – doc. dr Mariola Łuczak

3.The concept of development and promotion of the Baltic Amber Region (BAR) as a potential brand and destination for Baltic Europe
port •  Realisation period – 2011
•  Principal – Pomorskie's Regional Tourism Organization
•  Project menager – dr Tomasz Studzieniecki


4. The tourist program for the development of Szczecin's reservoirs and waters
szczecina  •  Realisation period –  2015
 •  Principal – Szczecin's city hall
 •  Project menager – dr Tomasz Studzieniecki


5. The concept of using the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) in the development of Baltic tourism
 mtis  •  Realisation period - 2015
 •  Principal - Ministry of Sport and Tourism
 •  Project menager – dr Tomasz Studzieniecki


6. Good practices in the field of tourism, with particular emphasis on cross-border tourism and ecotourism
lp            •  Realisation period – 2017
•  Principal  – Regional Directorate of State Forests in Gdańsk
•  Project menager  –dr Hanna Kruk


7. Baltic Tourism Academy a network of research and didactic institutions and experts in tourism in the Baltic Sea Region
  boat •  Realisation Period – 2017
•  Principal – own project
•  Project menager – dr Tomasz Studzieniecki


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